KawePale palarania kawy

Online Shop, Gatsby.js and WooCommerce installation

Mon Jul 01 2019


KawePale coffepale and rostery

KawePale are 2 passionate guys about importing, roasting and distributing the best coffee in Warsaw. They came to me with an idea for an international online shop, KawePale frontend is build upon gatsby.js framework with woocommerce solution as a backend.


The slick design is supposed focus customers on what’s really important, which is coffee, guys and their passion. Special UX concern was put on quick and easy buying. This was possible thanks to custom add to basket buttons, ability to add and subtract items on each product page, open basket, and order page. Smooth customer checkout is always the most important element next to your product presentation.

Gatsby.js and Woocommerce

This time, I have decided to use gatsby.js with woocommerce backend, client had his already established server infrastructure that was needed to be used. Multi lang support woth i18n, custom shopping cart based on redux.

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Łukasz Celitan


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